Sonder Pictures was formed in 2015 by Geoffrey Makowski and Mike Perrone. The two met while attending the School of Visual Arts and formed their company after producing their first feature, Evol.

The production company currently supports five titles and collection of creatives from all parts of the world. Although we mainly specialize in production, we are in the process of developing five new titles in the year 2020 and open for submissions for this year and the following years after that.

The Company's motto is to step back and understand we are all just characters in another person’s narrative. Each of us are on an adventure no more different than the other.

Geoffrey Makowski and Mike Perrone

Joseph DeFilippis

Joseph DeFilippis is a multi faceted artist with the hustle and spirit of a passionate entrepreneur. A natural born storyteller, Joseph is responsible for developing, creating, and producing marketable and original ideas small and large. Working alongside talents such as Alan Cumming, Fetty Wap, Courtney Love, and brands such as Mini Cooper USA, Joseph is prepared and well equipped to bring creative visions to life.

Christopher De La Rosa

Christopher was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. His multiracial background led him into the proverbial level playing field that is literature. His mother, Johanna, was born in Nicaragua and moved to the US to create better opportunities for her family, always expressed the importance of language and using it as a tool and if need be a weapon. His grandmother was an educator that introduced Christopher to the power of expression while his grandfather is a businessman and former Chicano muralist who used his art to tell the stories of those less fortunate.

Chris absorbed these lessons from his family and paired them with the ideologies of Kerouac and Thompson and Garcia Marquez to name a few and turned them into music. For the last 10 years, he has been a part of the hip hop group Warm Brew in which he has traveled the world, taking it all in while simultaneously pouring it all out into his lyrics and performances.

His love for literature continued to grow as well as his affinity for film and the visual aspect of storytelling. He uses every facet of his upbringing and his experiences to bring both humanity and human error into his work.